10 Apps I Use Daily to Make Life Better [VIDEO]

While living in 2017 can seem super dramatic (hello politics), I’m absolutely in love with the age of technology. While I’m on a huge mission to completely detach from my phone on the weekends, during the week, my phone is pretty much attached to my hip… er, hand. I’m all for downloading any app that will help my day go more smoothly.

P.S. A common trend I noticed with these apps is that for some of them, I don’t have to create brand new accounts. I can use Facebook or Google to log in. Fewer passwords to memorize = a happier Andréa. 🙂

In this video, I share the top apps that are my absolute go to apps right now. The links to each one are below the video.

Penzu – a digital journal

Fitbit – works with Fitbit fitness tracking accessories

Asana – task management

Instagram – image based social media

Clue – period +ovulation tracker

Headspace – meditation app

Tumblr – micro blogging + social community

Hangouts – messaging app

Spotify – unlimited music streaming

Google Keep – notes

What are you go to apps? Leave a comment below and share any apps that I need to add to my “must have” list!

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Author: Andréa Jones

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