10 Things I’ve Done in the Past Two Years [ VIDEO ]

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YouTube is more than just a place to upload videos. To me, YouTube has been a community that’s really shaped my life into what it is today. Let’s rewind a bit.

I’ve been creating YouTube content since 2009. I’m not sure what first attracted me to filming myself and uploading it online but it feels natural to me. Blogging was a hobby of mine well before I started creating video content, so making videos seemed like a natural next step. Instead of writing, I’m talking.

From that first video, I discovered a community that had a sense of comradery when it came to YouTube content. I made friends, both on and offline. I went to events and meetups just to hang out with other YouTube lovers. I also identified my favorite big time YouTubers as celebrities. I even accidentally met my husband through YouTube.

But over the past two years, I haven’t really made a personal video — at least, not one for my personal YouTube channel. I’ve created content for my fashion YouTube channel (that’ I’ve since abandoned) and my business YouTube channel, but I wasn’t creating something didn’t feel like work.

In a blog earlier this year, I shared why I started blogging again. Those reasons also hold true for why I started creating YouTube content again.

Do I know what future content will look like? Not really. I have some ideas that I want to try but the main thing I want to focus on is being creative and having fun with it.

That being said, I’ve shared so much of my life on YouTube over the past 8 years that I feel the need to provide a bit of an update. Honestly, the past 3 years have been some of my most interesting and amazing years of my life so it’s weird to share a some of those events.


Links below to some of the things I mentioned:

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