20 Things I’ve Done to Improve Myself In 2017

We are officially halfway through 2017 and I have to admit that I’ve held on to my new year’s resolutions much longer this year than any previous year.

Part of me wants to blame the maturity I must have gained turning 27 in October but mostly I realize that it was the first time I set out with the intention of improving me. Not by leaps and bounds, but by doing small things to better my life.

Either way, it’s now time to celebrate! Some of these things may not seem huge, but I find that it’s the small changes that have a lasting impact.

  1. Tried to stop eating meat but found out my B12 levels went drastically low. So I switched to sticking with mostly fish and lean meats on most days.
  2. Listen to Podcasts. My favorite podcast right now is the My Taught You podcast by Myleik Teel, the founder of Curl Box. She’s got a great personality and it feels like she’s a big sister dishing out real advice. My second favorite is Guys We Fucked, because it’s also super real but extremely hilarious. Yay for sex positivity!
  3. Edited who I follow on social media. I’m started unfollowing people who are constantly negative. I don’t need that kind of energy in my life.
  4. Found inspiration in others who have actually succeeded at something I dream of doing. I love following boss gals like Cara Alwill Leyba and Marie Forleo on social media because they inspire me to hustle for the life that I want.
  5. Set my alarm early. I’ll admit, I’m still working on this one. I recognized this year that I like to take my time in the morning. So that means getting up earlier to avoid feeling rushed.
  6. Being intentional about taking care of my body, even if it means only walking for 30 min. I started off the year really strong and exercised 5x’s a week for the first three months. These last three months have gone the other way but I still think I’m on track for the most consistent fitness routine of my life.
  7. Used Calendly.com to manage client meetings. No more back and forth with “what time works for you.” Since my clients are all over the world, it helps to have an app that automatically considers time zone differences as well.
  8. Wrote everything down… literally everything! If I don’t write it down, for some reason, my brain doesn’t remember it.
  9. Started saying “no” more often. My life coach had to write down the words “not my problem” on a sticky note for me to get this one down.
  10. Hired a life coach. She’s amazing and able to cut through the crap I tell myself in order to get to the root of the problem.
  11. Spent more time doing the things I love. I now feel no shame in taking a weekend just to zone out and watch Master Chef Canada. It’s therapeutic and I realize how important it is for me to slow down.
  12. Went to book club 6 months in a row. Since I work from home, it’s super important to get out of the house and do something nice. Also, did I mention my book club is also a wine club? 🎉
  13. Met a few new local friends through sites like meetup.com.
  14. Cleaned my closet of everything that didn’t fit and things that I haven’t worn in two years. No sense in holding on to things I don’t care about hoping that one day I’d fit into them again.
  15. Redefined my idea of beautiful.  This point seems simple but it took me quite a bit to get here. Rocking my natural hair helped. And also following tons of dark skin gals like me on social media. We are all beautiful!
  16. Put my phone away two hours before bed. I found my ability to fall asleep improved A TON when I put my phone in another room two hours before bed. BUT much like my working out habits, this one has fallen to the side over the last two months. Time to start it up again!
  17. Turned off 90% of my phone notifications including email and social media. I am able to focus on the task at hand when I don’t have email and social media notifications dingling me all day. I still check in obsessively during my work day, but I’m able to fully disconnect during the evening and weekends without those notifications. I only have a very select few turned on, and it’s only so that my family and my team members can quickly contact me if need be.
  18. Read more self-improvement books. So far, I’ve read Daring Greatly and Thrive.
  19. Started meditating. It was such a crazy feeling after meditating for the first 5 times. It felt like it wasn’t really working. Then, on about the 6th time, I literally cleared my head. I don’t think there’s ever been a moment before then that I couldn’t think of anything. I’m obsessed with that feeling now. (P.S. do men generally feel this more than women? Maybe that’s another blog post for another day.)
  20. Blogged more. I enjoy sharing my opinions in a public form that feels safe. Plus, I’ve been blogging since I was 14 so writing in this sense feels 100% natural to me.

How are you doing with your goals for the year? What baby steps have you taken towards a better life?

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