4 Reasons You Should Donate Clothes

As consumers in the fashion industry, we all purchase many textile items throughout the year, including clothing, shoes, hats, scarves, accessories, etc. Well, did you know that these textile items have a huge impact on the environment, leaving a nasty footprint if they’re just thrown away? Here are a few reasons why you should be a part of the giving & eco-friendly trends and donate clothes!

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time of year when everyone cleans out their closets and homes to start fresh for the warmer months! Do a bit of spring cleaning by donating a few gently loved clothing items that you have no space for.

Someone Else Can Love Them More Than You Do

Do you have that dress that sits in the back of your closet that you just don’t really like? Why not get rid of it? By donating that dress, you’re giving someone else the potential to love it way more than you do.

Recycling is Awesome

I don’t know if I need to tell you all about the value of recycling. But oftentimes, we don’t think of our clothing as recycling! For instance, if you’re like me and you moved from a warmer climate to a colder one, then recycling some your shorts and tees by donating them is a great way to free up space for more sweaters and scarves.

Improve your Mood

When you do good things for others or for your community without wanting anything in return, that’s such a good feeling!

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