A Manly-Birthday Gift Idea: A Dopp Kit

Last year, I went overboard and surprised my husband with a weekend getaway to Las Vegas… for admittedly selfish reasons.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good Vegas trip?

While we did have loads of fun, this year, my husband made me promise that I wouldn’t surprise him with another trip. He’s not much of a fan of surprises unlike his whimsical wifey.

So with that in mind, I set out to find him something that he didn’t already have… something that was unique enough to be considered gift worthy.

Enter Dopp Kit

After searching for quite some time on Etsy, I stumbled across this fabulous little Canadian shop that had exactly what I was looking for: a personalized Dopp Kit.


Lately, my husband has been spending all sorts of time grooming his beard… and I 100% approve. Not really one to consider myself a beard person, I’m growing quite fond of this new addition. There’s something quite ruggedly attractive about it. Or maybe it’s because I like my husband anyways. LOL.

In my quest for a dopp kit, I knew something personalized was in order. But the items I was finding took more than a month to make or only personalized with initials. Additionally, I kept finding items that were made out of leather… I understand the appeal, but leather + toiletry items doesn’t make sense to me.

Enter Luuee

Luuee provides handmade bags, baby gifts, and accessories. And the owner, Nadia, was a gem and answered all of my questions quickly and patiently.

I mean with a beard like this, a manly birthday gift is definitely needed!

So with that, I’ve played my part in my husband’s new-found love of working on his beard while also getting him a memorable, unique gift. While it’s no trip to Vegas, I think it’s still pretty manly and cool.

Who knows what next year will bring!

How do you shop for your loved ones? What’s your go-to pick for your SO’s birthday? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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