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Hi, I’m Andréa — an inspirational and lifestyle blogger determined to live a life that doesn’t just look good, but one that also *feels* good.

Create a life that feels right to you, not one that looks right to everyone else.

Since moving from the US to Canada, I’ve enjoyed exploring Niagara region where I live, eating at fun places, general adventuring, and have I said eating yet? (I love food)

Working from home (and building my own business) has allowed me to live life on my terms… and I’m figuring out just exactly what those are. Usually, that means midday naps and snacks, lots of day dreaming and snuggles, and a healthy mix of exploring the world around me and learning along the way.

I’m obsessed with my little family: my husband Brent who’s an amazing author and my two adorable on pups.

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Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

As a digital & social media enthusiast determined to create a life that I look forward to every day, this website is a digital journal chronicling my advice, adventures, and attempts at living fearlessly.

With over 10 years of blogging experience, I’m finally in the place where I can be 100% me and I hope to encourage you to do the same.