Since I moved to Canada, I ate at this restaurant literally every week! It was within walking distance of the old apartment and the food was excellent… well one thing was excellent.

Bún Nem Núong
Grilled Pork & Spring Roll with Vermicelli

In the 7 months that I lived in North York, I went religiously to enjoy a B06. I’ve never tried anything else on their menu because I was hooked on the B06. A friend actually recommended it the first time I went and I haven’t looked back! Actually, one time I got some Phu and it was delicious as well.

Let me tell you, people don’t go here for the service. However, the ladies here knew me and my order. They were nice enough. I’d sit there enjoying my noodley salad and catch up on Canadain news via CP24. I’d say, that’s a pretty good start into being an AmeriCanadian.

Do you have a restaurant that you eat at religiously? I need to find a replacement now that I’m in Fort Erie.

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