#BrunchTum | Toronto Underground Market

Last Sunday, I enjoyed a small foodie festival in west Toronto that was brunch themed! It was organized by the Toronto UnderGround Market.

TUM is Canada’s first and only social food market designed to give budding food entrepreneurs, chefs and home cooks a platform to test new food ideas to an eager market.

This is the babi on a bun! The pork was tender and the cucumbers added a delightful crunch. The best part was the surprisingly sweet bread combined with the savory chipotle sauce!

A savory beef filled empanada. Nothing surprising really but that little chimichurri sauce was good! I also tasted a bit of the cheesy and shrimp one. Couldn’t really taste the shrimp but the cheese was good!

This was cold brewed so that means they let the coffee beans soak in cold water instead with boiling water.
I’m not a coffee person so I cant say much other than it tasted like coffee but there was something different about. It was in the middle, not too light but not too strong. I added almond milk and sugar!

These two were my favorite. Omg will you look at that tiny quail egg on top! This was my first time have latkes and it was very tasty. I loved the chive sourcream filling with the bacon bits on top! For the crepe, I got the strawberry preserves version. It was very rich and sweet.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this experience. The weather was nice and hot (for Toronto) and the conversation was friendly and engaging. Yay for new friends and experiences in my new city!

Shoutout to Caryl over at Brunchosaurus.com for inviting me out! Check out her amazing foodie and wine posts!

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