Cabo: Through My Eyes

Last November, I had the pleasure of going on a super secret, last minute trip to freaking Cabo, Mexico. What. is. life! Like I’m loving how that sounds.

My husband and I both work from home on our own businesses. With only self-imposed responsibilities holding us back, we decided the beach was calling. We booked a trip on Tuesday morning that left by Thursday. So crazy insane fun but hard and last minute but freaking awesome!

Not telling anyone (except my employees and mother-in-law) felt exhilarating. I didn’t even post about on Facebook.

I had to share it here though. This is a safe place, right? And now that a few months have passed, it doesn’t feel so super secret anymore.

I mean, I took all of these pictures and they have to live somewhere, right? 😂

Los Cabos, Mexico

Getting There

We’d been thinking about going on a last minute all-inclusive resort type trip for a few weeks before we booked this one to Los Cabos. Some days, being my own boss feels challenging…. but it’s moments like these that make feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Looking at last minute deals on Expedia made us realize how much we could save if we just went now (instead of booking for Jan/Feb like we usually do).

We actually shortlisted probably 10 different resorts and then dove into the TripAdvisor reviews just to be sure the “deal” we were getting was actually worth it.

 Pro Tip: Don’t take TripAdvisor reviews too seriously. Learn to read between the lines and understand that most people who had a great time, didn’t bother to leave a review. Honestly, most people don’t even think of leaving a review unless they’re angry. If someone complains about roaches, that’s a hard pass for me. But if someone says the towels smelled funny, I tend to think that person is exaggerating a bit.

The resort we settled on was in Cabo San Lucas which is part of the larger municipality of Los Cabos. I refer to both in this blog post interchangeably.

The Resort – Rui Santa Fe

Ever since staying at Rui Bambo in the Dominican Republic two years ago, I’ve made a pack with myself to always stay at Rui resorts. Both my husband and I are thoroughly impressed with their brand both on affordability and quality. It’s honestly a perfect mix of both.

The Rui Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas was stunning. Boasting an impressive collection of pools, bars, restaurants, and activities, this large resort went the extra mile with attentive, friendly staff and quality rooms. All in all, I was impressed.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Since this resort was located on the Baja Penninsula, the beach didn’t feature the pristine white sandy beaches you’d think of. Those are on the other side of Mexico in the Caribbean Sea. That didn’t matter to us! We loved hanging out in the infinity pool & getting our drank on at the swim up bar.

One of the neat parts of hanging out in the pool is talking to other cool people enjoying their vacation. Not surprisingly, it seemed like about half of the resort was Canadian.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Outside of hanging out in the pool and beautiful weather all day, we didn’t do much. Every night, the resort hosted a show to entertain the guests. While the shows are pretty cheesy, I think they’re fabulously done, considering they have to pander to guests of every language. With a few Miami Vices (the drink of the week) in me, I was happy to sit and enjoy the breezy evenings watching their dance and magic shows.

The restaurants were very nice and had tons of options to choose from. The Mexican tacos were my favorite item on the menu.

The Marina

There are two types of vacations in our house. The relaxing vacation and the cultural vacation. This one, in particular, was deemed a relaxing one but on our final day in Mexico, we decided to be a bit adventurous and explore the marina of Cabo San Lucas.

Just a short taxi ride away, the marina hosted a beautiful shopping center and tons of restaurants. I honestly enjoyed just walking around and taking in the sites. I know that it was filled with tourists and people trying to sell their wares to tourists but I loved the experience, nonetheless.

Los Cabos, Mexico

There were a few moments when we were walking down the marina boardwalk that made me aware of our cultural differences. Besides the constant beckoning of the street merchants, there was this little girl who approached me for money. I saw her mom standing off to the side. Part of me wanted to give her all the cash I had, she looked so cute! But as I’m getting older, I’m getting more cynical. I ultimately decided to tell her “no thanks” and went on my way. I still think about her though. She was right outside of the frame of the below picture and it reminds me of her every time I see it.

Los Cabos, Mexico

All in all, the trip to Cabo was phenomenal and has spoiled me to the joys of traveling last minute. Would I do it again? Definitely. I think on the next last-minute trip, I’d try to be a bit more prepared for the flurry of making travel arrangements both for the pups and for work.

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