Creating Space by Taking A Mental Health Break

A few weeks ago, I took an entire week off from work. No emails. No client calls. No work.

One week of dedicated to “me time.”

Why? Because I hadn’t stepped away from my business in over 3 years. Every trip that I’ve taken has been a working trip. Every holiday has been partially spent tethered to my computer “just in case” I was needed.

Basically, my soul and my mind was craving time away from my business.

Don’t get me wrong, I still am obsessed with my work and what I do. I love it. But that doesn’t mean I can do it all without stopping forever. Even Beyoncé has days off.

So, I took a one week break from work.

It was simultaneously the most terrifying and most liberating business/life decision I’ve ever made.

Here what I learned:

The Bad

I over thought everything. Typical! 😂Before the week even began, I had so much pressure on myself to fix my entire life. In. One. Week.

It’s so funny to write it out now, but at the time I literally thought that I was going to lose 10 pounds, start jogging, get back into meditation, read 10 books, cut back on wine, go vegan and do all the things.

I also stressed out about work anyways. Despite setting my amazing team up for success.

Despite having my husband as my backup plan for “emergencies.” I had these strange moments where I felt anxious that my entire business was crumbling down because I want here (fun fact: everything was fine).

The Good

Despise all those unrealistic expectations, I had a fantastic week. Mostly because after day one, I quickly realized that what I needed most was space.

Space to relax.

Space to reflect.

Space to enjoy.

Space to be lazy.

Space to think.

Space to just be me.

Space to be.

And that didn’t look anything like I originally thought. Yes I did meditate and read and take walks. But I also watched Netflix and cuddled my dogs and wandered around thrift shops.

It just looked different. Different but lovely, nonetheless.

My best decision was stop planning. I just went with the flow.And it felt good.

This time off gave me the chance to think about the future. Sounds ominous but it’s true! I wasn’t thinking beyond tomorrow because that’s all I could do. Think about tomorrow. By giving myself space, I could actually start to think about the answer to the question: where do you see yourself in five years?

Have you ever taken time off for your mental health? How did it go for you?

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