EDC Orlando #Flashback

Last November, I had the pleasure of attending EDC Orlando on November 4th and 5th at Tinker Field. It was, hands down, the most organized festival that I’ve ever attended.

Now in my short experience as an electronic music festival fan, I have to admit that I haven’t been to many electronic music festivals. In 2013 I went to TomorrowWorld as well as in 2015.

Outside of those life-changing experiences, I’ve only been to a handful of smaller festivals both local here to where I live in Ontario and when I lived in Atlanta I went to some small festivals as well.

Overall, my past experience at festivals was overwhelmingly positive. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the vibes and the love that happens at these festivals. But I have experienced some lack of organization as well as some lack of planning which takes away from the experience a bit.

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One of the things that made this one of the most organized festivals I’ve attended was the check-in process. I had printed out my receipt from online and went into the line to get my pass. There were workers directing people at the beginning telling them where to go.

Once you were in line the entire process went very quickly. After security and bag check, there were people handing out brochures that had maps and directing people to where they wanted to go.

The festival grounds were clean. There were tons of water stations. The lines at the water stations were quick. It seems like the staff that was working this Festival knew what they were supposed to know.

The actual layout of the festival was also very well planned out. The distance from water stations to food stations to the porta potties all seems like it was planned appropriately. This may seem nitpicky but after being at festivals where the washrooms were horrendously far from the stages, I have to say I really appreciated how close everything was here. Oh, and there was always plenty of toilet paper all weekend long. LOL

edc orlando

I went with my friends K and V who were both amazing to travel with. As I get older I realize the importance of surrounding yourself with genuine people. And these to gems are just that.

Karley found an amazing Air B&B which was surprisingly my first time staying in an Air B&B. It was a beautiful house that was about 15 minutes from the festival so we used Uber to get there of course.

K & V are both Trance heads so they hung out at the Trance tent for most of the festival. I loved knowing exactly where to find them if need be. But I also felt comfortable enough to explore on my own, dance to my favorite DJs, and experience some new ones as well.

edc orlando

The music was amazing. I feel like when you are in a space that is perfectly set up, you can more easily allow yourself get lost in the music.

Some of my favorite artists were there: Hardwell, The Chainsmokers, W&W, Dash Berlin, and Don Diablo. I also got to see some new favorites: Alison Wonderland, Chocolate Puma, and Above & Beyond (I’m not a Trance fan but these guys are growing on me.)

Overall I really enjoyed EDC Orlando. The weather was gorgeous. The Vibes were on point. And I spend the weekend with amazing people.

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