EDC Orlando: Year 2

I’m a bit behind on blog posts this month so here’s my attempt to catch up!

Earlier this year, I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t go to another music festival… but I couldn’t stay away! When my lovely friend Karley asked if I wanted to go to EDC with them again this year, I simply couldn’t resist. Great music, good people, sunshine? Sold!

One of my favorite things about EDC Orlando is how organized the festival is. Having been to several unorganized events in the past, it’s something I look out for now. Where are the water stations? How many porta potties are there? Etc.

I also love the vibe at this festival. The “bros” are few and far in between. I don’t feel like an old granny hauling my 28 year old self into an electronic music festival.

It threatened to rain on us in the days leading up to the festival but we didn’t seen a drop. I rained a bit before we left for the front gates but it was over by the time we arrived. Another win!

The big downer for me was a yucky cold that latched on to me right before the event. I could feel it there but I was optimistically hoping it was one of those that went away on its own. It wasn’t. I took DayQuil before leaving on day 1 but once it wore off, I was miserable. I stayed for most of the festival anyways.

On Day 2, I ended up sleeping in and not going in until much later to capitalize on my DayQuil induced pleasant time. That smart move made the rest of the evening much easier to enjoy. Yay drugs!

I was pretty excited to see two of my favorite DJs, Marshmello and Zedd. And yes, my taste in music is as basic as it gets. But you know what? They’re main stream for a reason. (That’s a whole other blog post for a different day.)

They both closed out the festivals so I missed the last bits of their set (wanting to leave early to miss the crowds and because my DayQuil was wearing off .)

Marshmello’s set was definitely one of my favorites if his. He added in a bunch of what I’m going to guess is chill step. I liked it. Anyways, I found a recording of that set in SoundCloud so you can click here to listen.

Zedd’s set was fantastic as well. He had a few surprises in there. But overall, I felt he has become a bit commercialized. He played his popular (aka radio worthy) tracks just a tad too long for my liking.

At every festival I go to, I try to branch away from what I know and listen to something new. This time, I wandered over to a stage that looked like a pretty cool beach / pool party! They even set up mermaids by the pool. The sandy dance floor looked fun as well. I stayed away not wanting to get sand in my shoes. #oldladyproblems

At this beach stage, I discovered the DJ duo Bonnie X Clyde. I was attracted to their energy and I love their sound. According to Wikipedia, it’s a fusion of electropop, synthpop, house, and trap. Plus, I absolutely love female vocals with electronic music. Click here for the set they did at the main stage at EDC Orlando.

Ok last thing I’ll talk about is the food. I haven’t been sticking to my veggie diet lately so I of course when straight for the giant turkey legs. Yum. I don’t know what it is about festival food, but I generally always enjoy it.

At the end of the weekend, I had a great time. Despite not feeling well, I made the best of it and I’m so glad I did.

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