Event Review: Get Your Soul on the Agenda

Last Saturday, I had the pleasuring of attending Get Your Soul on the Agenda, a full-day retreat lead by the lovely Tracy Duru.

This soul searching session followed the Desire Map Workbook written by Danielle LaPorte, an inspirational author all about soul-centered living.

This was my first experience with Desiring Mapping, despite having seen the term “soul-centered” often in the #girlboss space. Here’s an idea for what that is:

Feeling good along the way to your goals doesn’t mean you don’t work your ass off to get what you want. It means you joyously work your ass off.

Basically, finding what feels right and true to you helps you live a more intentional, well-rounded, and happy life. Life isn’t about working towards what feels good. It’s finding what feels good in everything you do.

Desire feeling good more than you want to check accomplishments off your list.

Desire feeling good more than you want to please other people.

Desire feeling good more than you want to look good.

The full day retreat started with yoga and some time spent in quiet reflection and meditation which helped to quiet my mind and really focus on having a positive and productive experience. I had never done anything like this before but I was determined for it to be worth it.

The majority of our time was spent journalling in the Desire Map Workbook. The way this workbook is laid out helped me dig deep and really get to the core of what I want out of life.

The idea of planning your life for how you want to feel just clicked for me. I never connected with the idea of “following your passion.” The entire idea of even figuring out a passion is stressful. I was constantly wondering if what I was doing — whether it was work or a new hobby — was a “passion.” As a chronic over thinker, this thought process only resulted in me be constantly unhappy with where I currently was.

But focusing on knowing and following a set of core desired feelings makes so much sense to me. Instead of focusing on “finding a passion,” I’m allowing myself to do what feels good. Instead of over thinking a hobby or project, I’m learning to enjoy the process.

If I focus on doing everything I do with love, then that ever so fleeting concept of happiness seems that much closer.

We ended our retreat with a very powerful yet simple exercise. Tracy had us stand in a line and speak the words ‘You are worthy’ while staring into the recipient’s eyes. Standing with women who all are rooting for you and who believe in you is a feeling I won’t soon forget.

Even though we all just met, I sensed a bond between is all.

I would be amiss if I didn’t also take a moment to recognize our lovely host Beverly and her gorgeous home The South Coast Guest House. If you’re looking for an idyllic getaway or retreat in Niagara Region, I highly recommend the South Coast Guest House!

If the “finding your passion” hasn’t clicked with you OR if you’re following your passion but something is still missing, I highly recommend Danielle LaPorte and the Desire Map Workbook.

Have you ever spent an entire weekend working on you? How did you feel after? Did you follow through with what you learned?


P.S. I have no idea why I was so bundled up! I’m pretty sure it was not that cold outside… I guess I was just feeling cozy. 😛

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