Learning to Love My Natural Hair

So I’m loving my hair… but I struggle with **really** loving it.

Is that wrong of me?

I love to feel the breeze ruffle my curls. I love to touch it and feel how soft it is. I love how easy and carefree it is to care for (compared to my 8 years of wearing wigs).

But what I struggle with is how childish it looks sometimes. I can’t seem to style it often in a way that makes me feel like a sexy adult.

At least I’m learning to recognize that my fears are a product of what I’ve been exposed to… what society has previously deemed sexy and attractive.

Despite these brief moments of uncertainty and doubt, today was a good hair day. So that’s why I had my husband take this picture. I need a reminder that it doesn’t matter…good hair or bad hair, I’m still me.

I feel more like me. Those wigs made me feel so fake/shallow sometimes.

Andrea Jones - OnlineDrea - Headshot

Author: Andréa Jones

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