Learning to Slow Down

I’m currently sitting in bed recovering after a night of puking into my toilet bowl. This is the second time in 7 months that I’ve had such a night. Besides the random drunken embarrassment that happened in Las Vegas 5 years ago (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas) I have not had to upchuck anything… to the point of being pretty damn proud of myself.

Honestly, I’m starting to realize that I’m allergic to some seafood. Either that or I’ve gotten food poisoning twice in one year. Either option is terrifyingly disappointing.

After cleaning up the mess I made and then settling into a night of restless tummy aches, I got to thinking…. life happens no matter what we do. There is no possible way I could have planned to not be ill last night. All I can do is move on from it.

In fact, I’ve taken it as a sign of sorts that I need to slow the F down. Seriously.

Make Room for the Unexpected

I don’t know about you but I feel as if sometimes I plan every single freaking second of my day to the point that I don’t have any room for error. Then, I get so wound up in a tiny little mistake or resolving an issue that takes longer than I thought it would and my entire day is flipped. I get grumpy. Then I do the whole thing over again the next day.

Instead of looking for things to fill my time, I want to intentionally leave space for the unexpected. The amazing thing that I’m learning now is things will move forward no matter what.

Turn Off Notifications

One of the best decisions I’ve made in 2017 is turning off all notifications. And I mean everything! I don’t get dingled when a client emails me on the weekend. I don’t get any bleeps or bloops from Facebook when someone likes pictures. And I don’t get that weird Twitter noise when my peeps retweet my stuff.

And you know what I’ve found, I’m living a calmer, more intentional life. I still check email, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, etc. multiple times a day. But on my terms.

Part of me thinks I’m being a control freak. But mostly, I’m just happy that I can “disconnect” for a bit in moments that I didn’t know I needed it.

Do the Things That Matter

Definitely not an easy thing for me but a necessary one. I’m an eternal people pleasure. A “yes” girl, if you will. If someone asked me to come to their second cousin’s boyfriend’s daughter’s birthday party, my instant response is “yes, what should I bring.”

Boop. Wrong answer, Andréa.

If it doesn’t matter, don’t do it. I don’t even know this second cousin’s boyfriend’s daughter so why do I feel obligated to go? I honestly have no idea why I’m inclined to do that… but what I do know is that I should say “no” more often.

Sticking to the things that matter brings me more joy overall in the long run. Yeah, I feel a bit selfish sometimes. But we all need a bit of selfishness to really be happy.

Living slowly is something that’s 100% challenging in the age of the Internet and social media. We’re inundated with options to post on social, read up on Reddit, take a wander through Tumblr posts, and watch YouTube videos. Just remember that nothing is wrong with any of those things. Don’t feel like you have to do any of them because it’s what everyone else is doing. Instead, do it because you really, truly enjoy it.

Now, I’m off to brush my teeth for the 10th time today. *shudder*

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Author: Andréa Jones

Hi, I’m Andréa — an inspirational and lifestyle blogger determined to live a life that doesn’t just look good, but one that also *feels* good. As a digital & social media enthusiast determined to create a life that I look forward to every day, pursuitofglowhq.com is a digital journal chronicling my advice, adventures, and attempts at living fearlessly.

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  • Man that was an awesome blog. I enjoyed reading every word of it and I am so encouraged. Your generation will learn (hopefully not the hard way) that all access to media and technology is not so good if you don’t know how to disconnect. Very well said and I hope your audience at large gets it like you do. Happy Friday!

    • Thanks, Mom! Yeah, it’s hard to set boundaries because we have some much available to us. We think that because it’s there, we have to be “in” it all the time. It’s a hard lesson to learn because we also feel like we’re “missing out” if we aren’t present on social.