Long Distance Relationship With Italy

I realized for the first time today that I have a long distance relationship with Italy. This time last year was our first meeting, and it was love at first sight. Many think the phenomenon of “love at first sight” is a mythical occurrence only resulting in disappointment. When actually, love itself is a misunderstood feeling. Love with humans, yes, can lead to disappointment as we are naturally evil, selfish beings. I, however, am in love with something far more beautiful than any human being. Italy holds my heart like nothing ever can. I hate how far she is from me.

The atmosphere there is just different.I don’t really know how to put it into words but it’s just different. The air is made of something unique and ancient. When you have a chance to walk on thousand-year-old dirt and see breath-taking architecture that lasted hundreds of years after their builders die, it’s no wonder I fell in love.

I lived and studied in Roma, Italy for three weeks with weekend trips to Venice and Florence. Those three weeks are some of the best in my entire life.


The food. Ugh. Can I just say that the Italians know how to do food right! And it’s nothing close to the food we, Americans, think of as Italian. Pasta tasted richer and was fresher. Pizza is completely different and extremely tasty.

Gelato stands on every street, tempting me to have more than my one allotment per day. There was this one restaurant that had the best freaking lasagna that I’ve ever had in my life. I went twice and ate the entire thing both times.

Oh, how I miss my daily glass of Vino — that’s wine for all you non-Italian lovers. I hated wine before I went to Italy. The entire trip, I was reluctant to even try some wine, but who the hell goes to Italy without at least TRYING it. Once I did, I fell in love. My all time favorite is Moscato. Yum-o. So so good. If you order a meal there without wine, they stare – Even at lunch time – so drink up and enjoy!

One of my favorite things about Italy is the romance. Venice was the most romantic place I’ve ever been. Street performers playing love music to the night. Couples, young and old, dancing and holding hands. Gondola rides in the eerie quite of the night. During the day, the streets are packed with venders and tourists taking in the beauty of the city.

The churches are beautiful. Cathedrals so big, entire football fields could fit in them. Landscapes look effortlessly beautiful. And this beauty is not one that can be properly captured in a simple photo, but everything was too beautiful not to at least try to capture a part of it for later.

I made some lifelong friends on this trip. We all shared an experience we will never, ever forget.


Beautiful Italy. One day we shall meet again and be reunited in our love.

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