My 1st Visit To The Ex – Canadian National Exhibition 2014

Last Saturday, I went to the Canadian National Exhibition with my husband and his family. Despite the very oddly chilly weather and the threat of rain, we braved the rides, food, little shops, and petting zoo. When I say it was oddly chilly, I mean it was freaking cold!!! I had on a jacket and I was freezing. Even real Canadians were joking about the possibility of snow and commenting about how strange the weather seemed. Depending on where you looked, some places were recording 14C (57F). I’m just glad I was wearing this hat and jacket; but I wish I had brought a scarf as well.

Besides riding the super duper fun rides (and they were quite fun), my other favorite part of this fair was the food! The first thing I tried was a Schnitzel from a food stand called Vienna! This German dish is composed of a fried boneless chicken with onions, peppers, and sauerkraut all on a bun!

And, of course, I had to order poutine! My theory is that a good poutine requires a good gravy and this one was excellent!

I read about this on BlogTO before going so I knew what to look for when I got to the Ex: Chocolate Fried Chicken from Coco’s Fried Chicken. Surprisingly, this chicken wasn’t that bad. The actual batter is made with coco and it doesn’t taste much different regular friend chicken. They give you dipping sauces. The chocolate one actually had a banana aftertaste which was quite strange. They also had sweet and spicy sauce that went quite well with chicken.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the CNE. I enjoyed spending time with and getting to know my new family. I also got to go on some interesting rides. All in all it was a very nice experience. If you’re in the Toronto area, it’s here until September 1st!

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