My 2017 Goals

Documenting my yearly goals has been something I’ve always done as a personal blogger. I like to take a moment to write down what I want to see out of the next year then use that blog post as a way to hold myself accountable.

I’ve done that every year since I can remember blogging. Probably since 2007.

Except for this past year: 2016.

And oh. my god. 2016 was weird, ya’ll.

Like the political climate in my home country — the great United States of America — took a turn for the worse. So much hate, drama, and we elected a President who’s so unlike any president the US has ever seen. He won that popularity contest for sure (but somehow didn’t win the majority of the votes… is this system even valid anymore? Moving on…) Let’s just hope he doesn’t hit that nuke button. I’m still way to close for that shit.

In 2016, I also hired and fired more people than I ever have in my life. I had no idea how much that would effect me emotionally. Like woah. That’s such a hard thing to do. But such is life as a business women. I have a responsibility to my employees and I love them, but business comes first. Honestly, I hope I’m being tough but fair. Mostly, I think I’m way too nice which creates its own problems.

This past year also taught me a ton about myself. This was the year that I randomly decided to try to make more friends online. I joined Meetup groups, I signed up for platonic/friend dating sites. I went to groups on my own. Outwardly, I don’t have much to show for it. But I made one really great friendship and started several others that could turn into something great.

I also learned that I need to move around and eat properly. This 27 year old body needs some TLC if I want to live a long, healthy life. I literally *feel* gross if I eat fatty foods and sit around all day. I guess this is what my mom was referring to when she said I won’t be young forever.

Despite all of that, I feel like since I didn’t have a path or any real goals for the year, I didn’t really accomplish much… when in reality I did.

I started cycling which is awesome and fun. (and terrifying, but fun).

I traveled to Dominican Republic (again), Halifax (again), and went on a last minute jaunt to Cabo, Mexico.

I tripled my top line revenue and went from 0 employees to 4.

But none of those things gave me the satisfaction quite like making a list and crossing things off. I’M SO WEIRD.

Therefore, my word for 2017 is intention.

(and I’m writing it down this time.)

I want to build habits that focus on intentionally creating a life that I want to live. Simply saying “I want to upgrade and buy a bigger house one day” isn’t going to work. I actually have to save for that down payment… and that shit doesn’t happen on accident.

2017 is a bit different than past years as well because of my business. I’m working on distancing myself from — and not deriving my self worth solely on — my business. Not an easy task, but a necessary one. Because of those reasons, I’ve separated my 2017 goals into two sections: personal and business.


Tone Down Waistline
Do more Yoga
Cycle more – complete 2-3 100km+ rides
Wardrobe Makeover – Less clothes over all. More basics.
Try new hobbies – ex: Crochet or dance class
Read More Self-Help Books
Read 30 books total (last year the goal was 25)
Forget about making new friends and learn to just live
Plan a surprise date every other month
Attend 2 music festivals
Play with the dogs at least 3 times a week
Listen to more music I love
Set & achieve some personal financial goals (ie: start saving for the house)


Create 2 More Courses (one free or low cost and one signature)
Focus on being a business person and not creating a job for myself
More Quality Content (Blogs, Videos, Podcast? etc)
Get Consistent Overall
Learn a new skill – Facebook ads?
Leverage potential affiliate opportunities
Update website
Increase service prices

Now, I want to remind myself that these goals aren’t the end all be all. Mostly, I want these goals to be about the journey. I want to focus on intentionally becoming a better person.

Cheers to a new year!

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