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Tired of painting my own nails only to have them chip within a week, I decided to venture out of the house to a local nail salon in Niagara Falls called Nail Bar + Hair. Plus, a girl could use a bit relaxation and beautification before traveling. I chose this particular nail salon because I instantly fell in love with their Instagram pictures. Seriously, they have some cute designs.

I called and made my appointment relatively easily for a Monday afternoon. Little did I know, it was prom season in Niagara Falls making the salon quite busy for a Monday. Despite this, I was able to be in and out without much waiting.

nail bar plus hair review

When I first walked into this Niagara Falls nail salon, I fell in love with the chic, boutique-style decor throughout the location. From the damask print pillows and wallpaper to the clean lines and modern accents, everything felt like I was walking into a spa in downtown Toronto, not what I expected in Niagara Falls. This place clearly spoke to the fashion blogger in me. Even the washrooms featured cute decor!


Since I was leaving for my vacation to Las Vegas on Friday, I decided to go with a gel shellac on both my hands and feet specifically because I did not want them to chip AT ALL! Nail Bar + Hair has tons of color options from glittery to matte and from OPI to Essie. I almost went with a gel shellac shade that changes colors with my mood but instead landed on a matte dusty pink shade for my stiletto nails with a brighter, summery pink on my toes.

Hannah did my pedicure and was absolutely lovely! I recently cracked a toenail (gross I know) dancing in heels at Dragonfly Nightclub (of all places). Anyways, she was extremely patient with me and made my toes beautiful again.

Tia finished off my pedi and did my stiletto nails. I had no idea how to describe that I wanted them not so pointy but not round either… so glad she knew that I wanted “almond” shape. Definitely keeping that in mind for next time. Also, I loved how flat she was able to get the nails. Sometimes, when I get nail nails done, they look to large for my hands; this time was perfect!

It’s been two weeks and I’m still in love with these nails. On a personal note, typing and other daily activities are increasingly difficult with stiletto nails. While I’m not sure if I’d wear this style every day, I’d definitely return to Nail Bar + Hair!


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