The Body Shop Body Butter Review — Smoky Poppy

With all this terrible winter weather I’ve been experiencing during my first Canadian winter season, I was on the hunt for a great body butter to nourish my parched skin. Today, I’m so excited to review my new favorite body butter from The Body Shop: Smoky Poppy. Huge shout-out to the beauty fairies who sent this product to me for consideration.

The Packaging

Released just before Valentine’s Day, you can guess where the inspiration came for this sexy and luxurious packaging. The sleek black container with the bold and pretty pop of color lures you in, but it’s the aura that makes you stay.

The Scent

The main thing I love, love, love about this body butter is the scent! A heavenly mix of an earthy tone and flowering fragrance, the sultry and sensual aspect of this fragrant body butter comes off pretty intense at first but lightens up fairly quickly. Smoky Poppy has a spicy and musky allure that definitely makes it a mature fragrance in my books. Even my husband likes it, and he’s picky!

The Texture

While this body butter is thick, it soaked into my skin fairly easily. The winter weather has dried my skin out which made the moisturizing shea butter featured in this product the perfect protection against the elements.

Overall Thoughts

I’m absolutely obsessed with the aroma of this body butter and I want to collect the entire line of products. They have a scrub, perfume, bath bomb, lotion, massage oil, and shower gel all featuring this fantastic fragrance.

Right now, the mini Smoky Poppy Body Butter is available at The Body Shop for only $6! Travel sized items are the way to go when you’re trying out a product for the first time. Be advised that the Smoky Poppy line is a LIMITED EDITION; so if you want it, you better get it now!

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