The Kitchen | Ridgeway, Ontario

As I get older, I’m finding that I tend to stick to what I know. If I find a good recipe, I’m cooking it until the end of time. I always order the same thing from Starbucks because when I don’t I’m disappointed. And these days, I rarely wear anything outside of yoga pants and a tee shirt. #ThatWorkAtHomeLife

So when my favorite breakfast place was closed, I was forced to explore a bit my favorite part of town a bit more. Seeing as this was my monthly tradition after dropping the pups off at the groomers, I was quite perturbed to change things. Unbeknownst to me, I was about to stumble upon a new favorite.

The Kitchen Ridgeway, Ontario

The Kitchen, an adorable sandwich shop in the heart of downtown Ridgeway immediately caught my eye. It definitely wasn’t there a few months ago on my last visit to Ridgeway. The fun signage outside was what initially caught my eye. Little did I know, I’d find more goodness inside.

The Kitchen Ridgeway, Ontario

Since I was super early (they had just opened up) I took the time to snap a few photos of there set up. A rustic chalkboard featured today’s specials in a fun handwritten script. The scents of fresh baked breads and fresh coffee tipped off my stomach that it was time to chow.

The Kitchen Ridgeway, Ontario

I initially was hungry for breakfast but these decadent pastries had me wanting dessert. I ordered one of course.

I also grabbed their Cuban sandwich. And my-oh-my was I not disappointed. Piled high with tasty meats and crisp veggies all arranged on steaming hot, freshly sliced bread.

The Kitchen Ridgeway, Ontario

My picture really does not do this sandwich justice. Let’s suffice it to say that I went back three more times for more — ordering the same exact sandwich, of course.


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