The Year of Visibility

I’ve been so hyper focussed on work lately that I haven’t been blogging. Not that I haven’t been creating content. For my business, I’ve been spending a lot of time being visible as a podcast guest, speaker, and blogger. It’s been tons of fun!

Oh and in the past year I have not only started a podcast I also re-launched in my business YouTube channel and I’m thinking about posting again to my personal YouTube channel. The content creation machine is alive and well… just in another format.

All of this visibility has been kind of scary for me but also very exciting. I’ve been featured on podcasts that have gotten me new clients and I’m just here enjoying the entire process.

At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to be more visible. In fact, I called it ego, at the time. I wasn’t sure exactly how to vocalize what I was going after. But essentially I wanted it to be more proud of the work that I’m doing and show up more.

I wanted to spend less time shying away from opportunities and more time going after them.

I wanted to get back to my roots of creating content that I enjoy.

I wanted to start sharing my business building journey and help others do the same.

The icing on the cake is that this week I got featured on HubSpot. I’ve been a fan of this website for years. It is a go to resource for everything marketing and sales. So to have my podcast featured on this prestigious website is a true honor. Finally feels like I made it.

In a way, there were a lot of things leading up to this. But I’d like to highlight that I’ve been podcasting a year (my podcast birthday is June 1) before this happened. Feels like wayyy shorter. 😛

So if I can take a moment to allow my ego to show a little bit… here I am showing it off! I love what I do, I enjoy the process and I’m so excited to see what to come.

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