Vegas Style: How to Pack for a Summer Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is hot, hot, HOT during the summer which means packing for 39°C (102°F) weather can be tricky. At the end of June, my husband and I took a short, 3-day trip to Sin City in celebration of our one year anniversary. Today, I’m sharing my lessons learned for what to pack (and what not to pack) for a trip to Las Vegas during the hottest time of the year.

Wear Less

During the day, you’re probably going to want to spend your time either inside the casinos or at a pool party. Either way, you can totally get away with wearing as little as possible because it will be hot.

If you’re in a casino, wear something comfortable like a strapless and flowy top with a pair of boyfriend shorts. Slip into a pair of flip-flops and grab a cross body bag for easy carrying. Stay away from any metal accents on straps and handles because that gets hot fast!

At the pool, slip into your favorite swimwear style – the brighter the better! Vegas pool parties are like clubbing during the day so be as fancy as you wish. Don’t forget your favorite SPF and a cute coverup!

Bring Sunglasses

I was so pleased I decided to wear my transition lens glasses because that sun was blaring while the insides of casinos and hotels are darker that usual. For my day to the Hoover Dam, my Polette Elektra prescription frames were absolutely perfect in keeping me feeling “Vegas Glam.”

Hover Dam

Dress Lightly

For some unknown reason, I thought wearing black was a FABULOUS idea. I highly suggest not only sticking to lighter colored clothing but also wearing lighter, breathable fabrics like linens and cotton. At least my black top was sheer and I chose to wear a black, cotton bralette underneath. If you like, I’d also suggest investing in some cute crop tops or a fun romper.

Wear Comfy Shoes

The light air mixed with the dry, hot heat makes destinations seem much closer than they are. The large buildings on the Las Vegas Strip only add to this optical illusion. Be prepared to walk quite a ways if you’re planning on exploring the Strip by foot. Leave the heels for cab ride only destinations and wear comfy shoe options like these flats I wrote about a few weeks back.

Refresh Often

Because it was so hot, I ended up showering and changing several times a day! Use the heat to your advantage and take breaks often to refresh, rest your feet, and take cat naps. I loved using these makeup wipes to remove my daytime makeup and switch it up for night-time.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Las Vegas! Can’t wait to return again to Sin City… maybe this time when it’s not so hot!

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