Why I Started This Blog

Have you ever wanted to hit a restart button? Like, some days, I seriously wish there was this magical button that could rewind you back to yesterday — last year — a few minutes ago — so that you could try again. Seriously. How dope would that be?

This trope of an idea has been explored numerous times in television, movies, and books… even my dear friend Hermione had her taste of it with that little time turner experience. It sure is a sexy ass idea. A bit scary with that whole bit about possibly changing the course of history, but sexy nonetheless.

Despite all of that, I’m not embarrassed about where I’ve come. Hell, I think I’m even a bit proud of how my life has turned out so far. So over the past year, I’ve been thinking about the idea of rewinding. If I could, would I?

Would I want to go back to that place where I was blogging about my life? Would I enjoy re-launching my YouTube channel? Should I start back up again?

I’ve always blogged. Since I was 14 years old writing out my little thoughts about what would happen in the next Harry Potter book, I’ve always carved out my little slice of the interwebs as a place to document my life. A modern day diary of sorts.

If you’ve known me before reading this blog post, you would have seen my aforementioned HP obsession blog, me starting my first blogger website, then transferring to a proper WordPress one, starting a fashion blog with my sister (who got preggers and abandoned before we even started) and carrying on the fashion blog myself, then starting a video blog on Youtube, then meeting my husband (a fellow vlogger), then moving to Canada and starting my own business subsequently ditching the whole vlogging thing, deleting my fashion blogs, videos, and social handles, and to starting my own business blogging for that. To finally, here we are. Back to square one: wanting a personal blog all for me.

After all of that, I decided to re-create that feeling of having a personal blog that was my place to call home. Why?

Maybe I miss having a place to share my thoughts. Maybe I miss being free to write about or share whatever the hell I wanted. Maybe I am tired of the technicalities of word counts and SEO. Maybe I just want a place where I could feel nostalgic. Maybe I want to chronicle my life and look back on what I’ve done. Maybe I want to ditch the “proper” aspect of blogging for business and just be me. Fuck it. I can say fuck. It’s my own fucking blog.

That’s probably more fucks than I’ll say in a while. Maybe.

The honest to goodness truth is, I just wanted to be me. And it’s what I’m going to do. Spelling errors and all.

So cheers to this new place I’m going to call home.

Here’s to going back to doing things for me.


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Author: Andréa Jones

Hi, I’m Andréa — an inspirational and lifestyle blogger determined to live a life that doesn’t just look good, but one that also *feels* good. As a digital & social media enthusiast determined to create a life that I look forward to every day, pursuitofglowhq.com is a digital journal chronicling my advice, adventures, and attempts at living fearlessly.

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