Year in Review: 2017

Another year has come and gone. And boy, was it an interesting one! Last year, I managed to share my 2017 goals here on the blog, so it only makes sense to take a look back on those goals and see how I did.

I’ve broken things up into sections below with a few of my thoughts on each. Overall, I found this process very cathartic. I thought I had a terrible year because the end of it was a bit rough.

But after putting this post together, I realized that my year was pretty good. I definitely accomplished and learned more than I thought I did.What I Accomplished

Books Read – 30. I’m finishing the last one today. I set out with a goal of 30 books and I’m so happy I hit that goal!

Cycling Trips – 1. I thought I’d do two but we got rained out of the one scheduled for our anniversary. Overall, I’m glad I got one in.

Music Festivals – 2. Hit it on the nose! I went to Ever After Fest locally and EDC in Orlando.

This Year’s Firsts

Tattoo – I didn’t really set out to do that this year but I’m so happy I did. I’ve got 3 ideas for tattoos that I’m fleshing out now.

Crochet – 4 completed projects. The first two blankets were extremely crooked and granny looking. I’m calling those practice projects. I also completed two scarfs, one for me and one for my mom.

What I’m Proud Of

Sleep – It’s hard to imagine that this time last year I struggled to fall asleep. There was lots of tossing and turning, counting sheep, and wishing I could fall asleep as fast as my husband. This year, I learned how to fall asleep. Sounds so weird but it’s the #1 thing I’m proud of for the year.

This Blog – I’ve blogged and/or shared my life in some way online for years… probably since 2005. As I got older, I got more self-conscious about why I was blogging. Who was it for, exactly? Well this year, I went back to blogging for me and loving every post!

Lessons Learned

Yoga – I learned this year that I only enjoy yoga when I connect with the teacher’s style. It’s hard for me to commit otherwise. Still searching for an instructor I love but I’m giving it another go in 2018. For now, I’m sticking with my favorite virtual teacher, Yoga with Adrienne.

Diet – I thought I knew what kind of diet I needed to be on this year but some challenges with Iron and B12 deficiency knocked me down a few pegs. I didn’t feel like eating healthily because I didn’t have it figured out. Lesson learned: figure out what foods make you feel good and enjoy the process.

Business – I had a huge number goal that I wanted to hit as far as revenue went. I hit that goal but boy did it feel… unsatisfactory. Lesson learned: business goals shouldn’t always be about revenue.

The Unexpected

Piano – I got a key board a few months back and I’m looking forward to re-learning how to jam. Besides a few lessons in grade school and some doodling around in college, I don’t know much. These past few months, I’ve really enjoyed making up for lost time.

What I’m Letting Go Of

Excuses for not being healthy – I’m 28 years old. My body cannot thrive off of Doritos and Netflix. And it shows! LOL. In 2017, I allowed myself wayyyy too many excuses for why I didn’t go on a walk, why I ate those nachos, and why I restarted (and cancelled) my gym membership 4 times. I’m determined to leave that shit in 2017.

My 2017 word of the year was intention. For some of these, I nailed it. Others slipped me by. All in all, I enjoyed the journey and had one hell of a year.

Bye 2017!

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